Steam Deck Turns Out to Support Microsoft's xCloud

Steam Deck, a new console developed by Valve, does not include games from the Steam library. That's because the platform supports Microsoft's xCloud.
Valve has invited several leading game industry players to use the console. It also includes Microsoft's Vice President of Gaming, Phil Spencer, who said Halo and Age of Empires games work well on these devices.

"Steam Deck is a very good device," says David Satter. Games are addictive and have a good screen size and control. XCloud works well," quoted in Gamerant, Monday, August 22, 2021.

Spencer has tried using Steam Deck directly with Gabe Newell, president of Valve, and Scott Lynch, COO of Valve. This is good news because Steam Deck appears to be compatible with external game services such as xCloud when it is released.

Note that Steam is an online game store. xCloud is then a service that can provide games for Xbox at a later time. So far, the details of the creation have been unclear.

Consoles in the Valve are not available until December 2021. Even so, gamers can pre-order for a fee of $5 or approximately 71,000.

64GB eMMC, 256GB NVMe SSD through 512 NVMe SSD. The price varies from console to console.

For a little info, xCloud is a streaming service called Xbox Cloud Gaming developed by Microsoft. This allows the player to access your Xbox Game Pass subscription from a mobile device.

This service has been extended to support Windows 10 PCs. There is a rumor that the platform will appear in the competition consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.