How to Set Google Meet Virtual Background on Laptop or PC Desktop

Google Meet's virtual background during the Pan Dynamic period has become a natural fit for many purposes.

The most common purpose is to make online meetings and research more interesting.

Still, there are people who can't install Google Meat Virtual Background on their laptops or PCs.

Perhaps it's very easy for people who use Google Meet on their smartphones.

You can also install virtual backgrounds without downloading apps.

It's different when you install this feature on Google Meet on your notebook and PC.

It is important to be smart when choosing a browser to enable virtual backgrounds on both devices.

If so, which browser can I use to avoid failing the Google Meet virtual background settings?

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser, you may not be able to use the Google Meet virtual background.

If you want to use it, there is no technical support for virtual background features.

Therefore, if you only have Firefox, add a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Both are available for virtual background features in Google Meet. How do I do that?

The first method is to click three vertical points to view menu options.

You have the option to change the background. Click the menu. Go to the next page for the next step.

The next step is to select the desired background or virtual background.

Google Meet offers a variety of virtual backgrounds, such as blur, movie, or image and effects.

Of course not only parents, but also children who learn online can be happy.