Here's How to Make WhatsApp Text Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough

WhatsApp users should be familiar with useful information and chain messages, which are fake messages with bold, italic, or lines. This is a simple form of modifying text in the WhatsApp app to make text or messages more attractive to readers.

To avoid cheating, WhatsApp can use this bold, italicized character to gain even greater benefits, such as notifying residents of a neighborhood manager or community WhatsApp group. Provides a sentence that is easy to remember to readers.

How do I make text in WhatsApp bold, italic, and strikethrough? The method is very simple and does not require you to go to a separate edit page. You can do this in the chat pane or enter a message.

How to make text bold in WhatsApp

To make text or text bold, type an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the sentence, and an asterisk at the end of the desired text or text (for example, * ad).

How to make WhatsApp messages italic

You can also use WhatsApp to italize text or text to draw readers' attention or simply apply it to insert a foreign word or English term.

Although the method is nearly identical, type an underscore or underscore (_) at the beginning of the text or text and use the symbol again at the end of the text, such as _note_.

How to clear text in WhatsApp

One of the write style options you can use to make WhatsApp text or messages more interesting is to erase or line out the text. This writing style is commonly used in WhatsApp chain messages that contain anecdotes or humorous stories.

Usage is almost the same as anything else, but use a wave sign (~) at the beginning and end of the article, such as ~ not~.

These three methods are available on the web version of WhatsApp or PC, as well as on the WhatsApp of the smartphone. This usually eliminates the need to use additional apps to create email styles in Microsoft Word.