How to make Photos and Videos on WhatsApp Automatically Disappear After being Viewed by the Recipient

WhatsApp has officially released a new feature called View Once, which was demonstrated in June today. The feature is described in the name, and it is automatically deleted after you view the photos and videos that have been sent to the recipient.

These photos and videos are never stored in the memory of your receiver or smartphone. This allows you to use this feature to send photos or videos while preserving the sender's personal or data ownership.

Of course, the single view function is not immediately active. Users can select photos and videos to automatically delete after they see them.

How do I automatically remove WhatsApp photos and videos after they see them?

  • Use WhatsApp to send pictures or videos.
  • After you select the photos or videos you want to send, you typically have a page where you can create text or captions that describe them.
  • Before clicking the "Send" or "Send" arrow buttons, there will be an icon with the number "1" next to it. Selecting this icon enables the "One Time View" feature in a photo or video to make it automatically deleted after the recipient sees it.
  • A single view is activated with a green "1" icon. To cancel, simply click the icon again to replace it with gray.
  • Press the Last Send arrow key to continue.

WhatsApp recipients will know that you are using this "Single View" feature for your photos and videos. This is indicated by the number "1" icon in the received file.