How to Fix Instagram Error Can't Change Profile Photo

Many Instagram social media users complained of problems with their account.

Most of the time, Instagram Profile Photo Unavailable.

Therefore, these users have determined that Instagram is a bug and there is damage to the system.

However, testing through @mercuryrain's Instagram account did not reveal this issue.

Therefore, this condition is highly likely to be found only on some Instagram accounts.

But don't worry. We will continue to share how to fix Instagram errors. Can't change profile picture

This is because the profile picture is one of the most important things that the account owner shows who he or she is.

Curious? Read the whole below.

1. Update Instagram.

Restrictions on apps can also occur if you are using an app that is too old.

There was no problem checking the status of your Instagram app on Play Store (Android) or App Stre (iOS).

If the app prompts you to update, update first.

Maybe the Instagram profile photo is not updated and cannot be replaced.

2. Please re-enter login accounts.

If the first method doesn't work, try entering login to your Instagram account again.

This means that you must first delete the Instagram account error.

Then log in again using the same account, unless you forget your password.

3. Update your profile.

The first step and method you can do is update your profile.

If you can't change your Instagram profile picture, try returning to your profile page or IG feed.

You can then drag the screen down to refresh the page and change the profile picture again.

4. reinstallation

If that doesn't work, you can reinstall the Instagram app.

Simply visit the Play Store or App Store to find the Instagram app and click the "Remove" button.

If so, reinstall Instagram and try signing in with the account that's having problems.

5. Clear and report cache.

The last thing you can do to modify a non-changeable Instagram profile picture is to clear the cache.

Your smartphone may contain too much data in Instagram app consumption.

So, if you want to store new data on Instagram, you need to reduce your storage capacity.

If you cannot, however, it is recommended that you report a problem to the "Help" feature available in Instagram Settings.

To fix Instagram errors: You can't change your profile picture.

We hope this information will help you solve the problem.