How to enable WhatsApp fingerprint feature on Android and iOS

Not yet applicable in all countries. But in some countries it can, you know.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in many countries. It's not only young people who use this chat application. However, many parents have now learned how to use the app. Clearly, WhatsApp is the easiest and the least bizarre of the many chat platforms.

WhatsApp introduced fingerprint security for Android, which was previously available to iOS in early 2019. If you enable this feature, you'll need to use a fingerprint to unlock your app. This is true even after you unlock your smartphone.

This update itself is not yet available in all countries. However, some users in Indonesia already have this security feature available when updating WhatsApp. Try it now!

The steps are:

1. For Android.

Simply open the "Settings" menu and select "Account". You can then open the "Privacy" option and find "Unlock fingerprint" at the bottom. You can choose when your app will lock after your smartphone is idle. Fingerprint locks are available as soon as possible (immediately), one minute later, and up to 30 minutes later. You also have the option to toggle the contents of the message so that it does not appear in the notification.

2. for iOS

Just as with Android, in iOS, just open the Settings menu and select an account. Then select "Privacy" and scroll down to select "Lock screen". If you have Face ID in your iPhone, you'll unlock the chat and Touch ID will be enabled to open the app.

Select the time to lock WhatsApp from the "lock screen" menu. Fingerprint capability is available at 1-minute, 15-minute, or 60-minute intervals. But because it's easy to log in with your face or fingerprint, you can choose it right away. All you need to do is touch the fingerprint sensor every time you unlock the app.

Information about the presence of this feature in Android was first posted on the WABetaInfo blog. This feature has been available in beta since last August. If you refer to the The Verge page, the biometric security features of iOS include TouchID and FaceID support.

Meanwhile, Android appears to be limited to fingerprint security. This is because there was no announcement about the Facial Unlock security features of WhatsApp for Android.