How to Activate Screen Record on Android, it's really easy

It turns out that Android has a built-in screen record application, you know.

Advances in technology in smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated. Of course, this is supported with software installed on the smartphone itself. With the sophistication that consumers want to show, some smartphone brands may launch new types every few months.

One of the programs or apps you need for your smartphone is screen recording. Yes, use this app to record current screen activity on your smartphone. Screen recording is commonly used by gamers. Screen movies will be edited later and uploaded to YouTube and Twitch.

However, many gamers still don't know how to enable screen recording in Android without installing third-party apps. Yes, Android smartphones have screen recording capabilities.

Do you want to know how? The steps to activate are:

How to enable screen recording on Android

  • First, make sure you have the Google Play game app (not the Play Store) and the YouTube.
  • You must then sign in to the Play Games app and select the game you want to record. Instead of clicking Play, click the game icon to continue.
  • When you enter a game page, click the camera icon at the top of the Android appliance screen.
  • You have the option to select the quality of the video you record. There is an estimated record time based on the memory capacity of the "720p HD" and "480p SD" options and devices.
  • When you start recording, a bubble appears indicating that the front camera of the device is active. The purpose is to show your face while you play. In addition, the microphone is automatically enabled. To disable these two features, simply click the microphone and camera icon.
  • The three-second countdown begins when you press the recording button. If you quit and turn off the game, the recording process will not stop and you must press the record button again.
  • After recording, the video is stored in internal memory. You can edit video using a third-party application or YouTube.