Traveling despite Corona: Where the 3G or 2G rule applies in Germany

Due to the massive increase in the number of infections, the corona regulations are being tightened in many places in Germany. Up-to-date information on 2G or 3G rules in hotels or restaurants and what special features must be observed when traveling by car, train or plane. Update 1: Free citizen tests again Update 2: Several federal states are introducing the 2G rule Current map: These are the corona hotspots in Germany Overview for travelers: This applies in the individual federal states The most important aspects of traveling in Germany Overview of the corona numbers in German urban and rural districts Citizen tests again for free Different rules in the federal states Significance of the 2G, 3G and 3G Plus rule General corona rules in Germany Travel by train, car and plane Vacation in Europe More corona hotspots in Germany In the meantime, a number of urban and rural districts in Germany are reporting, in some cases dramatically, increased 7-day incidence v

9 Key Facts US Rules for Travel

More than a year and a half after COVID-19 concerns prompted the United States to close its borders to international travelers from various countries, including Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Britain and many from Europe, the restrictions they are changing to focus on people's vaccination status. As of Monday, travel bans from specific countries ended. Washington will allow the entry of international travelers, but they must be vaccinated against COVID-19, with some exceptions. The United States will also reopen its land borders with Canada and Mexico for vaccinated people. Most trips to the United States from those two countries are made by land, rather than by air. 1. WHAT WILL THE AMERICANS HAVE TO DO? Unvaccinated Americans will be required to show a negative coronavirus diagnostic test performed one day prior to their international travel. If they are vaccinated, they must take it three days before their departure, and this applies to both Americans and citizens of